he following describes changes to our District procedures for handling the paperwork associated with AUXFAC VSCs.  Also added is a requirement for photographs of the AUXFAC that are to be taken by the Vessel Examiner at the time of each AUXFAC VSC.  Please make sure this information reaches everyone in the VE chain of leadership without delay.

These changes have been requested by the OTO, and approved by the Commodore, District 11 South.

Photographs - As part of each AUXFAC VSC the VE shall take four photographs of the AUXFAC; bow, stern, port side, and starboard side.  The vessel shall not have any USCG AUXFAC identification on it when the photographs are taken; i.e., it shall be in "civilian garb".  If a state registered vessel, at least one of the photographs must clearly portray the properly applied state registration numbers.  If the vessel is USCG Documented, the vessel's name and hailing port (including state) shall be clearly depicted on at least one of the photographs.  If the vessel is USCG Documented, and located in a state that also requires state registration, all of the above (name, hailing port, and state registration numbers) must be clearly depicted among the required photographs.  The required photographs shall be submitted to the OTO as described below.

ANSC Form 7003/7008 Handling and Submittal - Commencing immediately the VE performing a VSC on an AUXFAC is responsible for submission of the completed form to the OTO.

--  The VE should ask the member submitting a vessel's Offer For Use form to verify that all applicable information, required attachments, and required signatures, except for those associated with the VSC Section(s) on the ANSC Form 7003 or 7008, are available/completely entered on the proper form.  This verbal verification should occur before the VE arrives on-site for the VSC.

--  Upon arrival on-site to accomplish the AUXFAC VSC, the VE should review the applicable form, and ensure all attachments are available, and that all required information and signatures have been entered - except those associated with the AUXFAC VSC.

--  Accomplish the required AUXFAC VSC actions.  Use of the AUXFAC VSC guidance contained in the FSO-VE Guidebook is strongly recommended.  Take the photographs as described above.

-- Upon successful completion of the AUXFAC VSC the VE shall sign the ANSC Form 7003 or 7008 as applicable, and depart the VSC site with the entire Offer for Use paperwork package.

Within three days, if at all possible, the VE shall submit the Offer For Use package to the OTO.

--  Scan all Offer For Use paperwork into a single .pdf file.

--  Prepare an email to the OTO

**  Use email address

**  Use Subject line  AUXFAC Offer For Use - (vessel identity State Reg no. or COD No.)

**  Include any appropriate explanatory notes in the body of the email.

**  Attach the scanned .pdf file, and the four required photographs.

**  Send

If the VE has trouble scanning the documents, and making the necessary .pdf file, the VE should seek assistance from the FSO-VE or other Auxiliarist who may be of assistance.

The VE is responsible for submitting ANSC Form 7038 in an accurate and timely manner.  Do not include the 7038 in the .pdf file sent to the OTO.



Kannad Marine has issued a recall of all SAFELINK EPIRBs due to a possible defect that could result in the beacon not operating in emergency situations.  If you own or use a SAFELINK EPIRB automatic or manual model as identified in the referenced SAFELINK Recall Safety Notice you should NOT use it as a primary Search and Rescue beacon onboard your vessel.

Kannad recommends that all owners of SAFELINK EPIRBs register their ownership, location and contact details via the dedicated website: .  The website will first ask you to enter your SAFELINK EPIRB's CSN number which is located on the EPIRB's label. (See image on attachment.)  Once the CSN is entered an additional webpage will open where more detailed owner information is entered to arrange provision of a replacement EPIRB.

The Coast Guard strongly recommends that all owners and users of the Kannad SAFELINK EPIRBs seek replacement devices as soon as possible and NOT to use it as a primary Search and Rescue beacon onboard your vessel….

Please read the USCG MARINE SAFETY ALERT 03-16: URGENT KANNAD SAFELINK EPIRB RECALL located on the V-Directorate website at:


Clarification of the 12 Year Rule for Fire Extinguishers in VE Inspections

There has been confusion surrounding the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA10 provision dealing with the 12 year fire extinguisher expiration requirement) and the Vessel Safety Check.

The information in the Vessel Safety Check Manual COMDTINST M16796.8A regarding fire extinguisher inspection is the current, most accurate guidance. This information is the only reference that should be used by Vessel Examiners conducting Vessel Safety Checks, and providing instruction.

Vessel Examiners may encounter some fire extinguishers that have a 12 year expiration date on the device during a Vessel Safety Check. Extinguishers found beyond this 12 year date should not be considered unserviceable, and should not fail a Vessel Safety Check because of this fact.   These extinguishers should be inspected to ensure they are Coast Guard approved, and in compliance with the manual in terms of serviceability. 

Further details may be found at:


It can happen to you unless you are prepared.. Safe Boating Week comes up next month, are you ready ? 

 Five rescued in three incidents

at Lake Mead National Recreation Area


APRIL 16TH 2016

 Lake Mead


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BOULDER CITY, NV (KSNV News3LV) — 1:35 P.M. UPDATE: First responders rescued five people in three separate waster rescue events today at Lake Mead. The first two incidents occurred on Lake Mohave at Six Mile Cove. One involved two people and two personal watercraft. The other incident involved 2 people on a raft. All four made it to shore safely. On Lake Mead, a catamaran capsized with 1 person on board. 5 vessels from the National Park Service and Nevada Department of Wildlife conducted a search along with the park plane. The individual made i safely to shore.

11:25 A.M. UPDATE: Metro reports the two missing people have been found. Christy Vanover of Lake Mead National Park said the missing "self-rescued" and Park Rangers are recovering the watercraft..

Two people are unaccounted for in the Cottonwood Cove area of Lake Mohave.

Metro reported two people who were in a blue raft this morning are unaccounted for after two missing jet skiers that were part of the four-person group were found.

"I'm not sure why, but some people went out on the lake about 2 a.m.," Metro Lt. Jeff Goodwin told News 3. "We are working with the BLM to determine exactly what response is going to occur. Some of it is a jurisdictional issue."

Waves at Lake Mead and Mohave are 1-3 feet today with winds gusting in the upper 20s.U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Public Affairs

RBS Job #1 Issue 4

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Look for new ideas on expanding public education and outreach to other organizations that share our recreational boating safety mission.

We’ve included two Coast Guard Marine Safety Alerts:

  • The story of an accident caused by multiple violations of the “Rules of the Road”. 
  • Navigation lights – With all of the LEDs, rope lights, and other inexpensive lighting products available, what is legal, what is required?

Both Alerts offer important points to bring up in public education classes, during vessel examinations and dealer visits.

Another article describes the functions of the Auxiliary's State Liaison Officers (SLO), and the importance of this position in establishing the Coast Guard Auxiliary’s working relationship with your state.


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